soon to be newlywed by this Saturday,

Natanael & Shiella from Jakarta, a fun and lovely couple to shoot. I was remember when I first met with Natan more than a year ago before their prewedding shoot, we talk a lot and plans a lot about where and how the prewedding sessions would be arranged, as months turn to year, I finally met them both just months before their wedding this saturday. They were a pure hearted souls and a food lover kind of couple!

Two days were fulfilled with laughter and dramatic sunrises as well, and also the food.. ah I remember how ” Om Rudy ” ( Shiella’s Father ) ask us to take a break and have something to eat very often. It was a pleasant thing to know that the parents really care about everyone who involve in their son’s marriage, and this kind of perceptions are rare to find at the wedding preps nowadays.

and I was amazed when ” Tante Lenny ” ( Shiella’s Mother ) hiked to Stone Garden hills at the second day of our prewedding series to not only helping Shiella & Natan, but together we enjoy while waiting sun rises behind the mountain in front of us, and how we were amazed by those great sceneries captured as their background.

I was jealous for the feeling of taking care each other and how the parents went together with them as this prewedding series was a bit process before their wedding.  Well, everyone in the family should take part of the wedding aren’t they? because the marriage itself has a meaning to blend two families into one, two souls that remain one.


until we meet you this Saturday,


Dear Natanael & Shiella,