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“ the extra fun couple “

The prewedding session of Gredy and Maria was one of the most memorable experiences I've had as a photographer. From the first session at Pinehill in North Bandung, this couple displayed extraordinary energy and joy in front of the camera. Every scene was filled with laughter and funny moments that made the atmosphere even more lively. I felt exhausted from laughing with them, but I was also very happy because the atmosphere created was so warm and full of cheerfulness.

After Pinehill, we continued to the second spot at a billiard place in the Paskal Hyper Square 23 mall area. There, we not only captured romantic moments between Gredy and Maria but also met Maria's parents, who turned out to be very pleasant and friendly. This meeting added a unique touch to their prewedding photo session, making it even more special and unforgettable. The warmth and support from Maria's family were very palpable, making this session even more meaningful.

Finally, we headed to the last spot in Lembang, specifically in an area called Kala Cemara. This place provided a different ambiance with its captivating natural beauty. We concluded the prewedding session that day with great joy and satisfaction. Gredy and Maria continued to show their positive energy until the end, making every moment feel special. The resulting photos were amazing, perfectly capturing their love and happiness. This experience was not just about taking photos, but also about sharing joy and creating beautiful memories together.


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