meet Osmar, the guy who really have a great luck and romantic. I remember a few weeks ago,when he met me to help him declare his feeling to someone who is really important for him,with a bunch of ideas on his head, Osmar told me that he want to show and express his feeling to Chrishiella (name of the girl he loves) inside the cinema. So,after many great discuss and brainstormed, we went to CGV Blitz PVJ and ask the manager how to book whole auditorium and play a simple video that we’re going to shoot then display it on their screen.

A great respond from CGV Blitz employee,that the day we asked how to and how much..the same day,they inform us that they’re able to and they’re willing to help us with the plan.

uhm,okay..this is a video that we’re going to play inside the theatre, well you should know that the day we’re filming Osmar, He was a bit nervous and really don’t know what to act or pose. so, this  is a video..

ah, then the day we’re waiting has come, a week after shoot and before the day ( March 31st ) , Osmar often message me how nervous he is,can’t sleep for days before..that’s really funny though he had planned these for weeks.

so, this is the candid video we’ve shot during the day, so much thanks for friends of Osmar who helped..for the fake crew, for the fake audience also who really helped us during their moments..


so happy for you, dear Osmar and your love life happily..