they married for years.. it’s just a pleasantly honor for me to have them on my journal. since ko Yopi is one of senior wedding filmmaker I know, it’s a great feeling when he asked me to do some family portraits for them at the day after I finished my Bali sessions for the week.

chit chat and dine, ( ah, thanks for the dinner and the great breakfast ko&ci! ) I’m a bit nervous along the shoot but at least I know that, he is a lot more greater than the film work he had and the name. It’s about who you are in front of your family, not others.

years may pass and time can’t be stop, the way they told a bit story about how they went through their wedding life is a lot more fascinating.

text and notes wouldn’t be enough to share all the stories, but let these pictures show how family does exists behind the great man, there is..always be somebody or peoples behind every great man.

Happy early wedding anniversary to you, Ko Yopi & Ci Suli!

and happy holiday to Lea & Noe!