Home is different than House, in simple way to explain that House is a building where people lives together under one roof but Home is something that has deeper meaning, deeper feeling than just a building. It may takes only a year or less to create a house but building a Home is more than just a year, because when you talk about Home, that refer to a feeling.. just like when we see couples..

they need each other, just like Wendy & Tiara..

they go, they walk and they spent most of their times together, but something that has deeper meaning is they build memories through their togetherness..

they smile, they laugh and they talk to each other like a heartbeats..those have more meaning than ordinary man can see.. they bond their heart together..

so, when we ask what “Home” is…

for them, “Home is where the other be, Home for me is where you are”



Wendy + Tiara from Palembang,