when two people should meet..they’d meet..in any occasions,place or time..they’ll meet..

so that’s why I felt they love real appear surround me while having their session.. umm,back to the time when I met them.. really..yes,I was honored to have them on my schedule..they risk their time and stamina only to meet me in Bandung, place where I stay..just for joining my mid year pre wedding schedule..

also,in the morning when we prepare to have our first day session (they had 2 days session in Bandung), me and Rizky (the guy) talk about why could they choose us (me and team) ..despite any other photographer vendor they have contacted from Central Java until Jakarta.. He told me that, “if it should be,then it would be” ..so as a bit talk about their love and wedding stories, He told me that all things like have been prepared.. much things they need for the wedding are like come itself,one by one.. also,they know each other and decide to get tied in a short time.. also, when the parents met each other for the first time,they also talk about marriage at the first time they met.. so fast? No,if Love has decide..Love has it’s own way to have two people met, fell in love and get married..also the life after weddings.. that’s Love..such a fun and fast things for them