Ricky & Meiling and I went to Thailand a couple of months ago for their prewedding sessions. We go like,we’re gonna having fun there,to see many beautiful places and take some beautiful images for sure. from the crowd and rainy floating market,the lovely sunflower fields (we’re blessed to find the field yeay!) the romantic night cafe until the studio we’d rent for the photos. 3 days with them,make me see how the groom to be has shown me his real feelings for Meiling, there’s so many little actions and cares that for many people will say that it is a must for the guy to take care for his girl, but Ricky shows me the other way, his own way to show that he wants to be with Meiling, forever.. not for the marriage..but for the life..


until we meet on your wedding day!




ผมต้องการอยู่กับคุณตลอดไป ครับ/ค่ะ

Phom dong gang yuu gap khun da lort bpai khrup/ka

I want to be with you forever