Doan Amanda | more than we’ve ever imagine

romance..laughter..Love is just more than you’d thought..

if we dream it..then that could be real.. so as simple as it, why? because we know and we’ve seen what we’ve headed to..or something that we’ve seen to..

Doan & Amanda, both are great friends of mine.. back to the first meet about their wedding and sessions..we’ve talked much about what we love to be on our frame and what wedding concepts do they like and they’d prefer to have on their next year wedding.. lot’s of inspirations from many great sources come to my head since that..

but hey, this is your wedding..not mine or anybody else’s.. let’s create yours! then at the time we decide to make ourselves brave for many things about the wedding’s details.. we got surprised! Oh I won’t forget their first happiness faces when they deal the wedding venue they will have, also the first impression from their primary wedding make up artist.. (best friend of mine)..their happiness continues when we shot our very first scene on their pre wedding sessions (they have 5 days pre wedding with me,and so far..that was the greatest of my 2015 year sessions), they show me real happiness..don’t talk about love..that was perfectly reflected on theirs..

ah, also their images won many awards that..uh you know..I felt so ..very happy for that..

glad to have them,happy couple on my next year wedding list, and also a great friends of mine that really are a great lover..

we love ya!

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