to a place like Heaven



first time visiting this little town that locates on East Java, Indonesia. Never underestimate the beauty of Indonesia, and it’s true.

the moment after we landed in Banyuwangi, feels like the weather welcomed us with it’s warmest greetings. and this time, I had a chance to explore Banyuwangi with Joe’el and Susan from Jakarta, a lovely couple that will get marry in 2019.

So, the morning after,we went to Jawatan Benculuk, a little forest that bring me like I’m in the Lord of The Ring movies scenery, surround with “Trembesi” trees and sun rays during our path really made us feeling grateful for where we were. Susan, is a really camera face in my opinion that I found no such a difficulties at posing her angles, lol..since it’s prewedding scene, I told her to be relax that only four of us that know the truth by the way.. and, Joe’el is a detail man I knew, maybe the most detailed groom to be that I ever met for entire photography career.

about the food, you’ll find such an Indonesia traditional food called “Pecel Lele” and “Mendoan”, things that you have to google them first before you try, those are famous food to have at least when someone visit Indonesia.

after we’re finished exploring the little forest of Jawatan Benculuk, we got to move to another hotel since our next destination was Mountain Ijen, the mighty one that people claimed it has one of only two blue fire in it’s crater ( one in Iceland and one in Banyuwangi, Indonesia, so proud meh ).

so, after we checked in to small hotel near Ijen, we stayed and collecting stamina since the trip will begin at 01:00 AM. Seriously,the entrance gate is open at 01:00 AM and we have to walk about 3Km ++ to reach the top of Ijen Mt.

great! we arrived at the front of entrance gate at 11:00 PM and we have to wait until the officer open the gate for us. we found many sulfur miners along the way, and as a notice, if you mind to visit Ijen have to arrange the trip on summer, because at the midnight you’ll see so much stars in the sky that leads you along your way to the top! awesomeness!!

whoa, after 3 hours of walk, finally we reach the top of Ijen, and I can’t say it in a word, damn beautiful! the milkyway can be seen as clear as you see 4K resolutions movie,lol. sadly, I went down to see the blue fire, that it needs so much time to spent with all the tourists. all the way down was covered by groups of tourists.. T_T, and when I get into very near to the blue fire, there’s a lot of people standing in it, so it was pretty hard to get some proper photos.

and we were stucked to get back to the top,so sad aren’t we. hmm, but I still had a chance to see the sunrise, to see how the sky naturally turns the colors and become warmer. so, we did a very simple shoot here due to the temperature that Susan can’t stand on, because it was 5degrees Celcius though the sun was high enough. well, after visiting Ijen. we went down to another spot that leaves us such a wide open mouth for taking some photos, the SAVANA BEKOL, BALURAN!

for a moment, we feel like we’re in somewhere at Africa, the yellowish fields and the sunset were absolutely perfect for taking photos. and, the trip was end after we visit Baluran because we had to get back to main town for another series in the next morning.

above all the mainstream photo destination in Indonesia, I think Banyuwangi is one of many destinations that couple have to try, and as a notice.. don’t underestimate the place, because when it comes to phototaking spot, heaven is all the way.

well, here they are..some nice pictures of Joe’el and Susan for their prewedding series,



looking forward to have Banyuwangi on our sessions list again,