the retirement plan?


meet Gerald & Thersia whom gonna marry this Saturday in Singapore,

these pictures are some of their prewedding pictures we had in Bandung, the first series. I remember the time when we picked them from their hotel and talk a lot about the culture and politics (lol) down our way to bridal for fitting. and, at the time I remember that Gerald ( I called him “Broh” for now ) has a plan to have his retirement plan in Bandung, well somehow because of the weather and peoples.

the day after, we went to Ranca Upas very early to chase sunrise and luckily, we got the light we need for portrait and I found no difficulties in capturing them and their moods.. well, time flies, I also remember on my past articles, Gerald was trying to gave Thersia surprises on her birthday right the day after we finished our sessions in Bandung, and for a while I laugh a lot to remember how funny Gerald’s face is when plan didn’t work out as planned but the main thing was, Thersia happy with the present (flower bouquet) and Gerald’s face for sure. lol

well, time really flies so fast. We’ll meet again this weekend in Singapore for their wedding day, yeay..after all those series and holidays that bring us now like a family.


until we meet very soon!