Suprise Sessions over Bali on public holiday? why not!


I have no idea how lucky I was to met this georgeus couple, Martin & Rebecca from China.

they gonna spent months over Bali and somehow we’re connected through mail and plan to sessions on the next week after we’re contacted.


and while we look for the dates,the week was the highest season for tourism as it was an Ied (moslem’s religion holiday). well, the traffic and the long drive were passed through my mind since then, and luckily,,they asked me to the place where isn’t usual for Chinese couples prewedding spot, as you may know..many Chinese couples choose Bali for their wedding or prewedding spot..many fancy beach like Balangan or Tegalwangi would be ignored for our sessions I think.

and those 2 days were just amazing, we met the sun..great sunrise, we met nice sceneries.. also, we visit the Klingking beach ( T-Rex look alike ),so instagramable..


well, here they are,,the pictures I’ve taken during the surprise sessions for Martin & Rebecca, friends of mine from China