Haven’t met them before we do the sessions, all we do before we finally met in Vietnam for the sessions was about chatting in a group message to discuss about their sessions.

Meet Nico & Lyenatah, couple from Palembang who left me some good memories after their sessions, they have unique way to express their feelings to each other. took 2 days in Bana Hills to discover more of their unique expressions to be photographed, and somehow the weather was really cooperative those 2 days.

Nico is a gentle succesful businessman, from many sources I’ve read before I met him, and Lyenatah is quite a funny and energetic lady that I found some excitements while do my job. It’s an honor for me, for a chance to know them and photograph their prewedding series.

and oh, they are gonna be officially married nect month,time flies quite fast for me that felt like I was just meeting them a moments ago.


soon to be official, keep your unique way to share love to each other..spread you feelings and grows together in marriage,