so,here is the great couple that separated by distance, for now.. 

Bryan & Isabella , between Singapore and Indonesia.

honestly,when I wrote this and upload all the images they’ve requested,I remember every moments while shooting them

and I wanted to tell you guys that real couple who are ready enough for marriage should be like them.. why? read more..

first day of their sessions,we went to casa lembang for their casual sessions as they stayed at the house before. 

the house was really homy with the composition and nice architecture,

but how they act and express their care and feelings to each other attracts my sense more than how the house is

I asked them to make a bread and simple coffee pouring and enjoy with it, the result is just awesome.. I met no difficulties to photograph them,as their real feeling can be easily sensed..

the second day,the tough day..

in the morning, Ibel told me to wait another moment while we pick them up at their hotel..and she asked us if the photos is good enough at the first day,so maybe we can rest  that day..

 but after that, they came to us and told us to continue the trip,Bryan had some problem with the health, so that’s why Ibel was worries with that..

out of the box, Bryan was willing to continue the second day sessions as Ibel really dreamt about the photos of them..

these are just one of many moments Ihad with them, and those really makes me feel blessed, to know them and have them on my sessions..

for Bryan & Ibel from Singapore